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Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's Miracleman is one of the great masterpieces in all of comics. When it comes to modern day superheroes, this book is ground zero. 


The seventh Optics Press volume was produced as a tribute to the original Eclipse comics. Often overlooked due to their scarcity from being out of print for decades, the whole Eclipse run is collected here in its entirety, completely restored and complimented with a treasure trove of bonus material. 

Features include:

*1/4 leather binding using vegetable tanned goat skin leather

*Completely hand sewn and bound

*Covers and labels are giclee prints on gallery grade canvas

*Hand sewn silk head and tail bands

*Printed on 80# acid free, satin coated paper

*Digitally restored from high-res scans of the best possible sources including the super rare Eclipse Trade Editions with the best coloring. 

*Includes the entire Eclipse run of comics PLUS all of the Apocrypha stories, the  3-D issue (with custom glasses!), a b&w Warrior story, a cover gallery, all the Miraclemail fan letters, and Kimota!, a collection of interviews, scripts, sketches, and behind the scenes tidbits

*Deluxe slipcase wrapped in printed canvas with velvet interior 

*Limited to 10 numbered copies signed by the binder/designer

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