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Sometimes you can't let a good book die. Whether it's a one of a kind treasure, limited edition, family keepsake, or volume of immense personal attachment, restoration might be necessary for that book to survive. Don't be too hard on yourself, it's not necessarily your fault! Age can be a cruel mistress to books, especially older books that were made without the more modern use of acid free papers and PVA glue (not to mention poorly treated leathers).  Luckily, there is still hope. 

The restoration process at Optics Binding is strictly on a case by case basis. After inspection of the book a determination will be made for the following criteria...


     The condition of the text block and whether            or not re-sewing will be necessary.

   If a new hinge is required.

   If new covers are required.

   If new headbands need to be sewn.

   If new endpapers are required.

   If the book is indeed salvageable.


Unfortunately, some books just can't be repaired.

Here's a couple videos showing the process of a complete rebind as well as the finished product (complete with slipcase and custom portfolio). Be sure to also check out the Blog as most posts deal with current restoration jobs.

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