Transforming a Stack of Comics into a Leather Bound Book

Over the past few months I've been really interested in classic EC Comics...Oh, who are we kidding? I've been full on obsessed! What started as a simple collection volume (published by Fantagraphics) quickly escalated into my needing all of the complete collections that Russ Cochran published in the 80's. They're HUGE, the paper stock is gloriously thick, they're all slipcased, and they look mighty fine on the bookcase. Needless to say, my checking account hates me right now.

In addition to the amazing stories and stellar artwork, the one thing this obsession paid off in was introducing me to the work of Wally Wood. I can't think of another artist who skyrocketed up my list of favorite artists so quickly (Dali, probably). The obsessesive in me of course sought out all of his work post EC (which to my delight was often incredibly crude and very adult). The comics themselves were very easy to find on the cheap (thank God) but I've never been a fan of reading an actual comic. I decided to try something out and bind the comics together into a giant omnibus.

Wally Wood stack of comics.jpg

Look At This Mess!

Just add a little leather, linen, and love....and Voila!


Ahhh, Much Better!

To be more specific... I carefully removed all the staples from the comics and hand sewed them together using Irish Linen Tapes and Linen Thread. The edges were then guillotined to a uniform smoothness. I sewed in headbands with 2 tone silk then rounded and backed the book. For the spine I used goatskin leather and for the front and back boards I used a heavy linen bookcloth. The spine label was printed on linen paper (yes, MORE linen!!). As you can see I had a bunch of fun designing the labels to mimic the old EC comics.





I'm definitely very satisfied with the final product and would love to do more projects like this. So if you got a box of comics lying around, send me a message.


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