Evangeline (Full Rebind Job)

As opposed to the previous blog entry detailing a basic rebind, here's an example of a full rebind.

Please bring the patient in for surgery....


What you see here was a first edition Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from 1847. The orignal leather has completely rotted away and the text block has become unhinged and lost it's shape...


*whoops, sorry for the blurry shot.

This situation calls for a full rebind. What that entails is a complete disassemble of the book (remove cover, remove old super, remove old glue, remove sewing from all signatures) and then a rebuild from the ground up.


Here's what the spine looked like after I removed the old super.


And here's what the spine looked like after I removed the old glue.

After removing all the thread I noticed that whatever the thread had originally been coated with had started to discolor the paper...


Luckily, this rebind job happened before any real damage had occured. To make sure this wouldn't continue with the new thread I used unbleached Irish Linen.

Here's the text block all nicely re-sewn...


Next came the not as fun as it sounds process of hitting a 150 year old antique with a hammer: otherwise know as the rounding and backing process.


Where as the original cover was oversaturated with gold tooling and blind stamping, I designed the new cover to be fairly minimalist. Taking a flower outline from the original endpapers I carefully cut away a section of the front board so as to emboss the leather...


You can also see in this pic that new super and endpapers have been attached.

Here's a picture of the finished book after the leather covers were attached and a label designed...


As a bonus, the client specially requested that something be done to preserve and showcase what remained of the original leather covers and endpapers. I ended up creating a small portfolio bound in cloth that framed the artifacts beind mylar...


A slipcase was then commissioned that would fit both the book and portfolio. I used sailcloth to wrap the slipcase and provided a pull ribbon. Here's the finished product...


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