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The "C" Section

The “C” Section is a reference to Clifford Mead’s essential bibliography of the works of Thomas Pynchon. That section was dedicated to the unauthorized editions published by Aloes Books and Mould-Warp. Although most of that work was later published officially in the short story collection “Slow Learner,” all of the cover art and mimeograph printing layouts were lost.


The second Optics Press volume was produced to showcase those original pamphlets in all their glory, along with the super rare letters collection “Of a Fond Ghoul,” and a new collection containing Pynchon’s juvenile writings designed specifically for this book.

Features include:

*1/4 leather binding using vegetable tanned goat skin leather

*Japanese Asahi book cloth covers

*Hand sewn silk head and tail bands

*Printed on 100# acid free paper

*Deluxe slipcase wrapped in buckram with velvet interior and pull ribbon

*Limited to 15 numbered and 5 lettered copies signed by the binder

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